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varieties, use non-perishable Weldon Flavorings® to create them only as needed. Weldon Flavorings® work great in iced coffee, espresso and cappuccino and hot chocolate! An attractive, eye-catching point-of-use Weldon® rack is available for convenience stores. Why not add Weldon Flavoring® to your hot beverage program. Please do not hesitate to call for details.

Weldon Flavor Offerings

extra set-up, clean-up, space, labor, expense and risk of waste intrinsic to traditionally brewing the same selections. Weldon Flavorings® are added to coffee, iced tea and even drinking water, from the water cooler, after the fact. Providers keep brewing regular, decaf and/or dark roast coffee and plain iced tea and augment any of the above hot and cold beverages with flavorful Weldon Flavorings®.

restrictions aren’t affected and dark roast drinkers can have “dark roasted” flavored coffee for the first time. Weldon Flavorings® can be combined (e.g. vanilla plus cinnamon makes Snickerdoodle) to create an almost endless selection of regular, decaffeinated and dark roast flavored coffee and tea since, by combining, you are not doubling or tripling the sweetness.

Fred’s Coffee Company proudly features the full line of Weldon Flavorings®. Although many brands of pre-sweetened coffee syrups such as Torani®, Monin®, Dolce® and Da Vinci® are better known, the Weldon® brand flavorings are more versatile and inexpensive. Using a coffee or iced tea flavoring product allows offering a variety of flavors without the 

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Providing Unique Flavor Options

Why use expensive, messy flavored creamers that assume flavored drinkers even want cream in the first place? One small bottle of Weldon Flavoring® yields almost four times as much (each bottle makes 118 eight-ounce cups) as syrups. Since Weldon Flavorings® contain no sugar, they leave no sticky mess on counters and hands. Do not risk pouring expensive flavored coffee down the drain, especially the less popular 

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The Fred's Coffee Weldon Flavoring Program provides fun, unique flavoring options for both coffee and tea drinkers.

Convenient for People Who Enjoy Coffee Without Cream

Historically decaf and dark roast coffee drinkers have been virtually shut out of the flavored coffee game. Weldon Flavorings® brings all the varieties to these consumers. Weldon Flavoring® has no sugar or artificial sweeteners like popular “syrups” like Torani®, Monin®, Dolce® and Da Vinci®. Black coffee drinkers still get “black” flavored coffee, decaf drinker’s dietary 

Fred’s Coffee Service has numerous coffee, format and equipment options. We have programs for all tastes, settings and situations. We strongly recommend that you contact us to arrange a brief, no-obligation meeting at your convenience to determine the absolute best solution for your needs, to go over pricing and/or to provide samples.