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Now you can cash in on the hottest trend in the beverage business- ICED COFFEE! Thanks to the national and local chains everyone is talking about iced coffee. It is becoming a year-round beverage and not just a summer specialty. Many customers ONLY drink their coffee iced! They are even willing to pay more. What could be better than that?

FRED'S COFFEE offers several methods so that you can offer this beverage to your customers:

  1. Traditional hot-brewed iced coffee. You can use existing equipment. Brew extra strong hot coffee (we have products specifically blended and measured for this). Let it cool to room temperature and serve over ice. Serving dispensers are available depending on usage. NEVER use yesterday's old leftover coffee. Old coffee is old coffee and besides it isn't strong enough to overcome the melting ice and will result in poor quality iced coffee product and kill sales!
  2. Cold-brewed iced coffee. Brewed slowly using cold water. The different extraction method results in a completely different beverage than hot brewed. Slow, cold brewing yields a smoother, mellower, lower acid drink. You've seen the ads on TV. Dispensers provided depending on usage. No equipment necessary with this method. Serve over ice and watch the sales increase!  
  3. Ready-to-drink Kona iced coffee and lattes from Goodwest. Convenient, ready to serve bag in a box format. Refrigerated two or three variety equipment provided. You can serve plain iced coffee or French vanilla or Mocha iced LATTE with the cream, flavor and sugar already mixed in. No labor and super easy and now everyone can do the lattee drinks like the national chains. Long lasting, shelf stable product makes this perfect for your busy operation. 

You provide the ice and Fred's has the necessary equipment to do the rest.

Fred's offers the Weldon brand flavoring line perfect for offering your iced coffee in any of the three formats in all the flavors.