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Bottled water and spring water ARE filtered water. The water is sourced from a well or even from the same municipal source as the water in your sink, filtered at the plant and, eventually, after passing through several levels of storage and distribution, delivered to your place of business. Fred’s eliminates the supply chain and inconvenience of those heavy awkward bottles by supplying, installing and 

Fred's Coffee Company Water Cooler Program

from dirty hands, dust, pollen and aerosols (sneezing!) that find their way onto bottles of water and are later transferred into your old fashioned, bottled water cooler. Since the water never sits getting old, it is likely even healthier than bottled water. The poly-carbonite plastics used in those water bottles are in the same chemical family as the BPA plastics now determined as harmful in children’s sip cups and bottles and harmful to women’s health. The bottles do not bio-degrade in landfills and the chemicals used to clean them are very harmful to the water system. Since Fred’s water coolers use the water already present at your business, no truck regularly delivers water, disrupting your staff and polluting the air. Also, since the water source is not a spring or well, it does not additionally, deplete anyone’s sensitive aquifer.

Fred’s Coffee features Oasis® brand water coolers (a recognized industry leader). All models are available as either “hot or cold” or “cold and room temperature”. All hot water features have child safety guards but are not recommended for settings where small children or cognitively impaired adults may have un-supervised access. The several styles of filtered bottle-less water coolers satisfy a range of decors and situations. Floor model and countertop water coolers are available. All are UL® listed for safety and are very energy efficient. With the exception of where the water comes from, all models function identically to the traditional bottled/spring water coolers that you are used to. Fred’s uses several leading brands of commercial water filters and will install the right filter to match your water situation. Fred’s was the first to introduce the filtered, point-of-use water cooler concept to our market and has over twenty years experience keeping thirsty clients well satisfied. All water coolers are installed, maintained, cleaned, filters changed automatically, repaired and or replaced at no additional charge. There are absolutely no added charges. A toll free phone number is on each cooler accessing our experienced, professional service department. All of our filtered water coolers conveniently provide clean, great tasting, healthy spring water quality drinking water. Best of all, you can never run out!

Professional Service Staff

Environmentally Friendly

Fred’s provides water cooler service to the entire states of Maine and New Hampshire as well as parts of other states. Fred’s coffee, through a partnership network, can service national accounts. Fred’s water cooler service provides our filtered, bottle-less water coolers at a modest fixed charge. Cost does not fluctuate with usage so you no longer have to account for the number of bottles used. Imaging knowing your water cooler budget in advance! Fred’s experienced 

maintaining filtered, bottle-less water coolers that provide spring water/ bottled water quality water right at the point-of-use. Our commercial, high-quality filters remove many/most chemicals (some of which are added to make water safer to drink but that does not mean you want to drink them) and contaminants from your hot and cold drinking water immediately before use. Our water coolers create spring water/bottled water quality water on demand. The drinking water never sits in storage getting stale and growing algae, yeast, bacteria and other biologicals. You never run out of drinking water and never have to give up valuable storage space for full and empty water bottles.

Several models of our filtered, bottle-less water coolers are available to fulfill a variety of setting, styles and situations. There is even a countertop model. All of our filtered water coolers are backed by our seven day, service and repair department. Fred’s has the largest, factory trained water cooler service staff in the area.

Fred’s Coffee Service has numerous coffee, format and equipment options. We have programs for all tastes, settings and situations. We strongly recommend that you contact us to arrange a brief, no-obligation meeting at your convenience to determine the absolute best solution for your needs, to go over pricing and/or to provide samples.

Hot and Cold Water Models Available

Elimination of those water bottles creates many benefits. Since there are no water bottles to store and change, there are no OSHA, liability or workman’s compensation claims from strained backs or falls from spilled water. Our closed, filtered water coolers eliminate the possibility of cross-contamination 

Fred’s filtered water coolers provide an option that is...


  • Even with modest usage, point-of-use coolers generally cost less. Fred's Coffee offers an easy-to-budget, fixed monthly cost, free installation, labor, and materials. Coolers are cleaned and filters are replaced twice a year, free of charge.


  • Filtration removes impurities and creates great tasting water. Water is filtered as you use it, to guarantee the highest quality. No spills, no safety concerns.


  • Point-of-use coolers provide unlimited, great tasting water as you need it, with no heavy, awkward bottles to change. Coolers can be located almost anywhere, and can produce both hot and cold water.

Environmentally Friendly

  • Fred's Coffee water coolers are eco friendly and responsible. Water source is not a potentiall sensitive aquifer and there are no air-polluting delivery trucks involved, and no bottles that go into landfills. Optional power saver featured cooler available.

professional technicians install the water coolers at no charge. Each installation is unique, but generally water lines are discreetly concealed in suspended ceilings, hollow walls and basements. They do not need to be located close to the water source. Fred’s automatically, periodically changes the high quality, commercial water filters and cleans and disinfects all interior and exterior surfaces of our water coolers at no additional charge. No contract is required and we always allow an evaluation period to try our water cooler service before your first billing. Our water cooler service is landlord friendly. All installations are considered non-permanent and can easily be removed if you terminate your tenancy. Fred’s Coffee Company is fully insured against all possibilities.

Free Installations. No Contracts.

Providing Quality Service Inside and Outside of Maine