Staff time can be spent on other, more profitable activity. Fred’s coffee service provides the appropriate coffee brewing equipment at no charge. All Javo® equipment is attached to existing plumbing at no charge. Commercial high quality water filters are installed and maintained guaranteeing optimum performance. Fred’s coffee staff will call for orders before scheduled delivery. Fred’s delivery staff will deliver products directly to your business anywhere is Maine.

Fred’s coffee sales personnel will gladly arrange a no-obligation, brief meeting or demonstration/tasting at your convenience to help you explore this exciting coffee concept.

Javo® on-demand brewing method is a single cup system without the mess, expense, time-consuming waiting or environmental concerns of Keurig®/K-cups® or other available single cup coffee systems. Coffee strengths are entirely adjustable from espresso strength to very mild. A hot water feature allows use of less expensive hot tea bags and other instant products like hot chocolate and oatmeal.

The “on-demand” Javo® coffee system is designed to offer a combination of the best features of traditional and single cup formats while achieving a price point somewhere in between. Javo® on-demand is also the most environmentally friendly coffee delivery method in the industry today. On-demand format uses a bulk cartridge of freshly brewed coffee from which most of the water (coffee is 98% water) has been removed, leaving a highly condensed coffee concentrate instead of a k-cup/pod/packet that generates a single cup of coffee. The Javo® on demand coffee “brewers” replace missing water in customizable proportions, on- demand as needed.

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What is the Javo® Coffee System?

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Keep Up with High Volume Using Javo®

Fred’s Coffee delivery service offers the newest format of coffee service, the Javo® on-demand program. While traditional format coffee remains the standard for quality and versatility, the increasing popularity of Keurig®, K cups®, Flavia® and other single cup coffee systems drive a desire for coffee brewed “on demand” one fresh cup at a time.

The drawback to Keurig®, K cups®, Flavia® and other single cup systems is their inability to keep up with higher volume coffee brewing and their much greater expense than traditional format. Another concern is the increased packaging waste generated by K-Cups®.

There is no 30-second brewing time per cup like K-cups®, enabling Javo® on-demand systems to keep up with any high volume demands especially in convenience stores during morning coffee rush or office coffee and workplace break rooms where staff congregate at the coffee brewer on break or lunch. Changing cartridges takes less than one minute and immediately upon changing, the system is back on line making coffee on-demand. Unlike traditional glass pot/ airpot format, there is no set up, clean up or periodic checking to see if more coffee needs to be made. Staff can sleep in knowing that fresh coffee is available the minute the doors are unlocked.

Coffee never gets old or cold. There is absolutely no wasted product. Everything bought is either consumed or sold. Javo® equipment will draw from the bulk cartridge until empty, one drop, one cup, one thermos or one bathtub full of fresh, optimally hot coffee at a time. Depending on how equipment is adjusted, a single cartridge can generate the equivalent of 40+ pots of traditional coffee. Unlike Keurig® and K-cups®, instead of hundreds of empty cups, all that remains is a biodegradable or recyclable cardboard carton.

No Mess with Less Expense

Fred’s Coffee Service has numerous coffee, format and equipment options. We have programs for all tastes, settings and situations. We strongly recommend that you contact us to arrange a brief, no-obligation meeting at your convenience to determine the absolute best solution for your needs, to go over pricing and/or to provide samples.