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Fred’s Coffee delivery service has offered the familiar traditional style coffee format since 1951. In traditional coffee format coffee grounds are placed in a biodegradable paper coffee filter which is then placed in the funnel/basket of a drip style coffee brewer which causes hot water to slowly “drip” through the grounds to brew traditional, authentic, great tasting coffee. Fresh brewed coffee can be dispensed into either a glass pot (sometimes called a carafe or bowl), an airpot (pump pot) or into the larger tank of either a satellite server or large coffee urn. Fred’s coffee service provides, installs and maintains the appropriate traditional coffee brewers at no additional charge.

Traditional coffee format offers a wide range of brands, blends, strengths and case sizes. An extensive menu of flavored coffee, dark roast coffee, single origin varietals and fair-trade and organic coffee is available. Fred’s coffee delivery service traditional brands include Maine’s Best brand Maine themed products, popular New England Coffee brand, Seacoast Maine-made gourmet brand, Newport Traders brand, Martinson’s brand and Folger’s nationally known brand. Full support materials and accessories are available for all brands.

Fred’s has the right traditional brand coffee for your office, workplace, convenience store, restaurant, cafeteria, snack bar, healthcare food service or lodging/hospitality lobby continental breakfast. Fred’s Coffee sales personnel will gladly arrange a brief, no obligation meeting to explore options or to provide free samples.

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Fred's Coffee Delivery Service Traditional Format Coffee Program

Fred’s Coffee Service has numerous coffee, format and equipment options. We have programs for all tastes, settings and situations. We strongly recommend that you contact us to arrange a brief, no-obligation meeting at your convenience to determine the absolute best solution for your needs, to go over pricing and/or to provide samples.

A Wide Selection to Choose From

Fred's Coffee carries several brands of traditional format coffee.

Styles and Accessories

Traditional Format Coffee Brands

Fred’s coffee delivery service provides its customers with the necessary accessories such as airpots or glass pots/carafes at no additional charge. Fred’s professional service department is available seven days a week to make sure your coffee brewing equipment is working properly. Coffee and coffee supplies are delivered throughout Maine to your business by Fred’s own staff in our fleet of delivery vehicles. Most customers choose to be scheduled on a recurring route where a fully stocked delivery truck stops automatically to replenish coffee and allied supplies according to pre-agreed upon par levels. Customers do not need to remember to call in orders. Fred’s cheerfully replaces broken or damaged glass pots and airpots at no additional charge. Coffee filters are included in the cases of many coffee brands and sizes for no additional charge.

Traditional coffee brewers are available in pourover style (where a measured quantity of water is poured into the brewer and an equal quantity of piping hot coffee comes out, Fred’s even supplies the measuring pitcher) or automatic, plumbed-in style. Traditional brewed coffees are available in a large variety of quality brands in both pre-measured pouches or packets or in whole bean form. Fred’s provides coffee grinders for those customers using whole bean coffee.