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We at Fred’s Coffee are getting numerous requests for advice on best practices to serve hot and cold beverages in the post-Covid world. We will continue to monitor products and procedures as the industry adapts and will keep our valued clients informed. While we are certainly not epidemiologists, food scientists or attorneys, here are a few suggestions that we’ve become aware of that might meet someone’s needs.

Providing disposable wax paper squares (like bakeries use to pick donuts) wherever a user needs to touch a handle, take a cup or push a button.  Provide a hands-free receptacle for discarding after one use.

Making your own “Covid Coffee kits” by putting a disposable cup, stirrer, straw etc. in individual plastic bags so that the public can only handle one item per use. We have pre-made condiment kits designed for lodging in-room which contain an individually wrapped package containing 2 stirrers, 2 sugar packets, 2 creamer packets, 2 sweet and low and 1 napkin. Individually wrapped stirrers and cups are available as well.

Moving your previously self-serve coffee cups, condiments or even the coffee itself to a back-of-house location and let staff with gloves and properly washed hands dispense materials or beverages.

For food service consider changing out single-serve or self-pour methods for automatic dispensers of dairy and powdered condiments which (while not completely no-touch) involve pushing a button which can be pushed with a knuckle or napkin (wax paper square) and are quickly and easily frequently wiped with an antiseptic wipe etc. Fred’s supplies these units with minimum usage and space requirements.

Explore push button coffee dispensing equipment replacing glass pots or airpots. (See suggestions above)

For water coolers: request units equipped with paddle type dispenser valves instead of handles where the user pushes the cup (and not their hand) against the paddle to dispense. (Note:  NOT available for HOT beverages for scald safety!!)

There are some self-dispense options for stirrers, cups and lids coming available online but not provided by Fred’s Coffee at this time. Consider exploring and purchasing to satisfy your needs.

Why consider a point-of-use water cooler?

Provide pure, healthy drinking water for less than one dollar per day!

Unlimited, great tasting spring water quality water as you need it
No heavy, awkward bottles to change…EVER!
No closet, hallway or storeroom full of empty and full water bottles
No disruptive deliveries and no running out
Can be located almost anywhere, even in direct sunlight
Hot AND cold water. Hot is 190 degrees, hot enough to brew tea, make hot chocolate or instant noodles etc. Cold is refreshing, refrigerator cold 40 degrees
No staff bickering over who has to change the bottles 

Even with modest usage, POU coolers generally cost less than bottled
Free installation, labor and materials
Free automatic twice yearly inside and out cleaning and sanitizing
Free automatic twice-yearly filter replacement (twice as often as recommended!)
Free 7 day per week service and repair as needed
Free trial period
Fixed monthly water cost making budgeting easy and exact
Discount for multiple coolers billed to one company or group
No games, no fuel charge, delivery charge, equipment surcharge or deposits
No labor costs to move bottles from storage to use point(s)
No annoying frequent water slips to keep track of
No binding contract required 

Filtration removes most impurities including lead, cysts, chlorine and sediment creating great tasting spring water quality water just like bottles (which ARE filtered water!)
Open and full bottles do not sit at or above room temperature breeding algae and bacteria, water is filtered as you use it
System is closed so no cross contaminating of bottles by dirty hands or airborne contaminants (healthier staff means less absenteeism)!!!!
No spills, no safety concerns, no back strain, no liability issues, no OSHA or workman’s compensation claims.
Low touch, no touch options available
Eco friendly and responsible:
Water source is not a potentially sensitive aquifer
No deliveries, so no air pollution from trucks
No carcinogenic polycarbonate bottles into landfills
No harsh chemicals are used to clean bottles for reuse
Optional power saver featured cooler available 

For details call Warren at Fred’s Coffee 1-800-439-3733 ext.208 or (cell) 207 649-3196 or email at sales@fredscoffee.com