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Fred’s Coffee Service has numerous coffee, format and equipment options. We have programs for all tastes, settings and situations. We strongly recommend that you contact us to arrange a brief, no-obligation meeting at your convenience to determine the absolute best solution for your needs, to go over pricing and/or to provide samples.

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Regular Coffee Blends

  • County Blend - A mild blend enjoyed by our friends up                              north on Aroostook County
  • Acadia Blend - A medium blend that reminds you of a                                    foggy morning on the rocky Maine coast
  • Old Port Blend - A bold, sassy blend that will make a seafarer sing
  • Downeast Dark - Done darker, delightfully delicious
  • Bar Harbor Bean - just the whole bean and nothing but the bean
  • Baxter Bean - Smooth Mellow and Mild sure to make you smile
  • Northwoods Blend - Medium mild suitable to be enjoyed while watching the leaves change
  • Sebago Blend - A smooth, flavorful blend perfect for boating on the big lake

Decaffeinated Coffee Blends

  • County Blend Decaf - A mild mix without the caffeine
  • Acadia Blend Decaf - A medium blend that won’t keep you up at night
  • Old Port Blend Decaf - Bold flavor starts your outboard but no caffeine
  • Northwoods Blend Decaf - Gets you going but won't start your chainsaw
  • Sebago Blend Decaf - Still has the kick but not the café

Maine's Best Flavored Coffee

  • Harborside Hazelnut - Nutty but good, just like most Mainers
  • Vacationland Vanilla - Sweet and smooth just like a getaway weekend at camp on the coast
  • Blueberry Hill Blueberry - As good as popping a few of Maine’s signature fruit in your mouth, fresh from the picking way Downeast
  • Penobscot Pumpkin - Reminds you of a crisp fall day in the western mountains
  • Yankee Doodle - Cinnamon and hazelnut just like the spices brought by the old clipper ships from distant shores
  • Jamaican ME crazy - Caramel, vanilla and a hint of coffee brandy to warm a Mainer’s heart during a wicked fierce Nor’Easter

Maine's Best Coffee Blends and Flavors​