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Regular Coffee Blends

  • County Blend - A mild blend enjoyed by our friends up                              north on Aroostook County
  • Acadia Blend - A medium blend that reminds you of a                                    foggy morning on the rocky Maine coast
  • Old Port Blend - A bold, sassy blend that will make a seafarer sing
  • Downeast Dark - Done darker, delightfully delicious
  • Bar Harbor Bean - just the whole bean and nothing but the bean
  • Baxter Bean - Smooth Mellow and Mild sure to make you smile
  • Northwoods Blend - Medium mild suitable to be enjoyed while watching the leaves change
  • Sebago Blend - A smooth, flavorful blend perfect for boating on the big lake

Decaffeinated Coffee Blends

  • County Blend Decaf - A mild mix without the caffeine
  • Acadia Blend Decaf - A medium blend that won’t keep you up at night
  • Old Port Blend Decaf - Bold flavor starts your outboard but no caffeine
  • Northwoods Blend Decaf - Gets you going but won't start your chainsaw
  • Sebago Blend Decaf - Still has the kick but not the café

Maine's Best Flavored Coffee

  • Harborside Hazelnut - Nutty but good, just like most Mainers
  • Vacationland Vanilla - Sweet and smooth just like a getaway weekend at camp on the coast
  • Blueberry Hill Blueberry - As good as popping a few of Maine’s signature fruit in your mouth, fresh from the picking way Downeast
  • Penobscot Pumpkin - Reminds you of a crisp fall day in the western mountains
  • Yankee Doodle - Cinnamon and hazelnut just like the spices brought by the old clipper ships from distant shores
  • Jamaican ME crazy - Caramel, vanilla and a hint of coffee brandy to warm a Mainer’s heart during a wicked fierce Nor’Easter

Fred’s Coffee Service has numerous coffee, format and equipment options. We have programs for all tastes, settings and situations. We strongly recommend that you contact us to arrange a brief, no-obligation meeting at your convenience to determine the absolute best solution for your needs, to go over pricing and/or to provide samples.

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Maine's Best Coffee Blends and Flavors​